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Corporate Business Communication and Presentation.

$2,200 Including GST plus $25 per candidate. For example if 10 candidates attend, the total cost would be
$2,450 ($2200 + 10 x $25).

Course overview:
This is a 2 full day elocution and presentation skills course designed to dispel the myth that good speakers are "born". We provide all the knowledge and skills to turn your staff and executives into confident, competent and convincing speakers. We offer a standard syllabus which can be modified to suit your company's specific needs. Our presenters have many years' of experience as professional speakers and trainers.

This course is suited to corporations and businesses who would like to improve the speaking and presentation skills of their executives and staff
. It is equally suitable for native English speakers and ESL candidates.

Ideal number of attendees: 5 - 12.

This is an in-service course on your business premises anywhere in the Sydney Metropolitan area. It can be held at alternative venues upon request. Courses are also available in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Course availability:
We can conduct the course during work hours or after hours, to suit your and your staff's schedule.

Public speaking course syllabus (Total 12 hours): 
Session 1
- Introductions.
- Fundamentals of voice production.
- How to introduce a speaker.
- Introduction to impromptu speaking.
- Speech structure and organization.
- Speechwriting techniques.

Session 2
- Speech evaluation.
- Topic selections
- Voice projection and resonance.
- Vocal variety to convey meaning and convince your audience.
- Writing and presenting a two minute speech.
- Discussion of assignment for next session. 

Session 3
- Effective sight-reading.
- Advanced impromptu speaking.
- Business and workplace presentation skills and speaker credibility.
- Interview techniques.
- Effective non-verbal communications (body language).

- Discussion of assignment for next session.

Session 4
- Speaking under pressure with minimum stress.
- 2 minute impromptu speeches.
- Evaluation.
- Presentation of 5 minute speeches by candidates.
- Evaluation.

Session 5
- Adding impact to your speech.
- Handling difficult questions.
- Salesmanship techniques.
- Selling your ideas.
- Discussion of assignment for next session.

Session 6
- 7 minute presentations by candidates.
- Evaluation.
- Summary and farewell

- Ability to speak with conviction.
- Improved power of persuasion.
- Public Speaking ability to high level of competence.
- Improved self confidence.
- Richer, more resonant voice.
- Better improvisation skills.
- Greater ability to handle pressure.

Other courses can be tailor made as required by your organization. Our areas of expertise include customer service training, sales seminars and private executive training.

If you would like further information, or would like to make an appointment in Sydney or Melbourne:
Phone: (02) 9389 8440     Mobile: 0410 693 749
Email: joe@accentimprovement.com.au

Location: 3/125 MacPherson Street Bronte

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